Step by Step Spanish

No clicky pictures, no goofy games, no play-pretty time wasters.

Just FOUR of the most successful & widely used Spanish Audio Instruction courses ever created for Students who REALLY want to learn to speak Spanish, fast.

Over 150 Hours of Audio Instruction (equivalent to 2+ years of College Level Spanish) – all for just $29 (originally $54)


Want to really learn to speak Spanish, without all the pretty (but not very helpful) games, pictures, all the other fancy bells and whistles? Check out this amazing computer DVD collection containing FOUR of the most popular and successful  AUDIO Spanish Language Learning Courses ever developed! These comprehensive courses were originally prepared by the United States Foreign Service to train US military officers, US Government workers and their families living and working in Spanish speaking countries who needed to learn to speak “real life” Spanish in a Latin American dialect in a short amount of time. They also happen to be a WONDERFUL teaching resource for homeschooling families who want to really learn the Spanish Language in depth!

There are FOUR FULL LENGTH COURSES & several supplemental resources are included on this ONE computer DVD:

The Basic “Step by Step” Spanish Course
A three module (3 PDF Manuals + 97 MP3 audio lessons), step-by-step  course that will enable the student to understand spoken and written Spanish; it will also allow you to actively engage in conversations with an abundant vocabulary of several thousand words. The Basic “Step by Step” Spanish Course is  primarily geared to conversational Spanish, and is usually the first course you should used in most language studies. It is more holistic and intuitive, and is focused not on grammar and written Spanish, but on practical “real life” speech and conversation.

Programmatic Spanish
A two module (5 PDF Manuals/Workbooks + 66 MP3 audio lessons), step-by-step course that emphasizes proper pronunciation, inflection, and intonation. The Programmatic course is precisely structured and presents very small bits of information in order. It may be used in conjunction with the Basic Course, or independently depending on your students’ learning style. If your students are analytical or left-brain type, it may be easier to start with this one.

Spanish Headstart for Latin America
A three-module (1 PDF Manual + 26 MP3 audio lessons)  course designed to enable students to communicate in  everyday life, work and cultural situations which you are likely to encounter in Mexico and Latin America.

Spanish Headstart for Puerto Rico
A four-module (2 PDF Manuals + 29 MP3 audio lessons)  course designed to enable students to communicate in everyday life, work and cultural situations you are likely to encounter in Puerto Rico.

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Over 150 hours of Audio Lessons (MP3 format)

One of the most successful & widely used language learning courses in history

High Quality at a Budget Price – These same courses are sold elsewhere on Audio CD for $295 & up

Exclusive Bonus Resources & Supplements for Homeschooling Families

Suitable for students age 8 – adult. Just progress through these lessons at your student’s own learning pace.

Completion of just the Basic Spanish Course is the equivalent of two years of College Level Spanish

Also included on this computer DVD: Exclusive Bonus Resources!

Our Favorite Spanish Learning Ideas for Homeschoolers (PDF ebook)
We surveyed over 500 Homeschool families who already teach a foreign language in their homeschool, and asked them what worked in their studies. This is a compilation of their best “real life” teaching tips, ideas and supplemental activities to help make your Spanish language study rewarding and fun!

Poco a Poco: A Direct Method for Learning Spanish (PDF ebook)
Classic Spanish language primer especially for primary students in which you learn the language “poco a poco” (little by little) – by reading basic lessons written entirely in Spanish. Presented in both simple question & answer format and a simple conversational format, each day’s lesson are presented orally by the teacher, and build on the previous day’s lesson and words learned. A wonderful old-fashioned text that will be a great supplement to the audio lessons for all beginning students!

Also included is the Poco a Poco Teacher’s Manual (PDF ebook) which provides lesson plans, a year by year teaching syllabus, and a complete vocabulary & grammatical guide!

IMPORTANT NOTE: These courses come on a Computer DVD
The sheer size of all these mp3 audio files & course materials makes this collection simply too big for a regular CD… so we have compiled them onto a single data DVD. This is not a DVD for your television. This DVD will work on any computer (PC or Mac) that can read a DVD – so please make sure your computer can read a DVD before ordering. Most computers purchased in the past few years can do this easily.  (This DVD contains MP3 audio files and PDF documents only. It is not a video DVD and will not display any video on your DVD player.)

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!
You will not find a more comprehensive and proven Spanish Learning Curriculum anywhere else at this incredibly low price, but should you decide for any reason that you are not satisfied with this collection, simply return it to us within 60 days and we will cheerfully refund your full purchase price – no questions asked! We want you to be pleased with your purchase, period.



Get all four Spanish language learning courses + Bonus Resources on one computer DVD for Only $29 (regularly $54)

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