Old Fashioned Holiday Stories

Fill YOUR Home with all the Warmth, Joy and Spirit of an “Old Fashioned” Holiday Season… and enjoy the very same delightful sounds and stories your Grandparents and even Great-Grandparents listened to and loved when they were young!

Nothing recaptures the wholesome, old-fashioned spirit of the holiday season better than these classic holiday radio programs… NOTHING! They are MAGIC.

It’s one of our most treasured “family traditions”…
Each and every year as our kids were growing up here at the Erskine house — about two weeks before Thanksgiving, the same day the Pilgrim dolls and cornucopia are set out on our table — the kids would eagerly dig out our well-used copy of this audio collection and ask to listen again to these truly WONDERFUL holiday programs.

From then on, almost every afternoon and evening… while getting supper ready, doing chores, and just relaxing around the house, our family listens in to two or three of these programs — and we keep on doing so, right up through Christmas and New Years. They fill the house with the spirit of the season in a way nothing else can equal. The stories and music in these vintage Thanksgiving and Christmas programs are an integral part of our holidays…. We just wouldn’t consider the holidays to be complete without them.

You’ll find these heart-warming, inspirational, fun-filled stories will fill YOUR home with an old-fashioned holiday spirit as well. They have a magic all their own that you won’t find on the TV or video. They will remind you over and over of the true meaning of the season.

Here’s just a partial listing of the Holiday audio treats you’ll find in
Great Old Time Holiday Stories for the Family” Collection:

First we have a double handful of wonderful Thanksgiving stories — focusing on the history and tradition of Thanksgiving in America. You’ll hear stories of the Pilgrims and pioneers who helped build our great country… as well as some warm and humorous stories celebrating the true meaning of “thanksgiving”. These heartwarming stories are a wonderful way to give your children a real understanding the holiday is and remind us all what it is (or at least should be) all about.

The Path of Praise (Great history of Thanksgiving)
You are There: The Sailing of the Pilgrims
Land of the Pilgrim’s Pride (we LOVE this touching story!)

Us Pilgrims
A Time to Give Thanks
The Willingness to Share

The “Father Knows Best” Thanksgiving Show
The “Amos & Andy” Thanksgiving Show
The “Life of Riley” Thanksgiving Show
The “Our Miss Brooks” Thanksgiving Show

Pete’s Thanksgiving (an immigrant teaches a town about real Thanksgiving)
The “George Burns & Gracie Allen” Thanksgiving Show
Baby Snooks’ Thanksgiving Dream (great fun!)

“Definitely get the Homeschool Radio Shows “Great Old Time Holiday Stories for the Family.” We got them last year and they were a hit. It really set the mood for the holidays. Never got tired of listening to them. It really brings the past into the here and now.” — Melissa H.

Next, Great Old Time Holiday Stories for the Family contains over 90 great Christmas programs! There’s lots of great holiday music, warm and humorous family stories, and excellent stories of the Nativity. Nothing comes even close to these wholesome family programs for bringing the spirit of Christmas alive in your home. They are an annual tradition here at our house — They add so much warmth and magic to the holiday season, you won’t believe it! We’re sure they will quickly become a much-cherished tradition at your household, too.

The Real Christmas Story

Included in this collection are several reverent, respectful dramatizations of the Biblical Nativity story that the whole family will enjoy. This is really an amazing variety of tales — each of these programs focus on a different aspect of the Nativity story. Granted, some with a good deal of dramatic license — but all are excellent, thought-provoking tales.

A Child is Born
Oh Little Town of Bethlehem
Keeping Faith

Go And Be Counted
No Room at the Inn

Flight into Egypt
The Crossroads of Christmas
The Other Wise Man

Classic Christmas Stories

A Christmas Carol (Three delightful versions of this classic Dickens tale!)
It’s a Wonderful Life (radio version of the movie, w/ Jimmy Stewart)
Miracle on 34th Street (radio version of the movie)

Blessed Are They
The Day they Gave Babies Away (a wonderful Christmas eve story!)
Red Skelton’s The Little Christmas Tree

Father Knows Best: “Stranded in a Snowstorm”
(one of our favorite holiday stories EVER!)
The Greatest Gift

The Lullabye of Christmas
The Blue Bird (with Shirley Temple)
The Miracle of Christmas

A Visit from Saint Nick
The Gift of the Magi
All Is Bright

Cavalcade of America
The Lone Ranger
Lum & Abner
Fibber McGee & Molly
The Great Gildersleeve
Sgt. Preston of the Yukon
George Burns & Gracie Allen
Sherlock Holmes
… and many, many more!

“There were many delights as we listened to your Holiday Stories Collection…We listened starting as soon as it arrived and continued on into January. One of the greatest treasures we found on the MP3 was a version of “A Christmas Carol” featuring Lionel Barrymore. I sat utterly amazed when I first heard his voice. The first few seconds of the program brought back such a familiarity to me — I had previously thought I would NEVER hear that version again and have missed it every Christmas since getting married and leaving home. My parents had an old LP record of the very same show that we would listen to on our family’s old stereo when I was growing up. We listened to it “to death,” helping bump the needle whenever it got stuck on scratches. =^) That old record has long been lost. How excited I was to tell my two children that this program was the VERY SAME ONE their mommy and her siblings used to LOVE listening to every Christmas when they were young! I thought there was no way to ever hear that program again, but thanks to you, we are carrying on the tradition of listening that that old favorite, along with many new ones, during the holidays!(By the way, my daughter was in a thrift store this spring and found a paperback copy of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” She insisted she was old enough to read it and bought it with her own money (she was then 6). Your radio shows spur on much love, familiarity, and reading of original classics at our house. Thank you!”With Thanks,

Want to listen to a sample?


phono  phono  phono

Sure… just CLICK any of the phonographs above. They each will play a different program!

(Shhhh… don’t tell the kids, but amid all the wholesome fun and music, the Great Old Time Holiday Stories for the Family collection is also a delightful teaching resource for your home. Several of these programs are faithful adaptations of classic “Living Books” and short stories. Others are dramatizations of historic events. So, your family gets a taste of the classics & history while they listen.)

Also included in this newly revised collection:

Our Holiday Ebook Library!

First, you receive five mouth-watering, tried-and-true recipe collections, to fill your home with classic holiday treats, tastes, smells and memories! Each PDF format ebook has a complete index/table of contents (except the Thanksgiving Recipes ebook) and complete recipes for a dazzling array of delicous holiday goodies your family will love, we guarantee it!

Next, for “read aloud” time, gather the family around and dig into these classic stories of Christmas past in these four delightful PDF format storybooks:

Tales of the Nativity contains over two dozen classic stories, poems and readings based on Christ’s birth, plus several tales of Christmas with a Christian outlook. The Children’s Book of Christmas Stories contains the text of 20 classic holiday stories, legends and fables from the 1800s and 1900s especially chosen for reading aloud that the whole family will enjoy.

PLUS THIS HUGE “EARLY BIRD” BONUS if you order by Nov 16th:

This perennial favorite “old time radio” program has been enjoyed by children of all ages since it was first broadcast way back in 1938. It’s a 26 episode children’s fantasy adventure serial (each episode is just under 15 minutes long) meant to be listened to one episode at a time, beginning the day after Thanksgiving right up until Christmas eve (though you can listen to it any time you want). And we’ll warn you right now: most kids just can’t stop at just one per day. This is classic children’s radio at its finest, a magical adventure your kids will love and want to enjoy year after year! 26 MP3 audio programs / Total Running Time: 6 hours


This year, enjoy the company of Jimmy, Judy, the Cinnamon Bear and all their friends even more with these ALL NEW resources:

NEW! We are thrilled to bring you this brand new, professionally designed lapbook filled with dozens of fun and educational elements for young listeners to assemble & create as they follow the Cinnamon Bear’s classic adventures.

Now you can make “The Cinnamon Bear” a fun part of your homeschool fun, learning and craft activities… right through the holiday season!
PDF activity lapbook, 100 pages

NEW! We’ve created TWO fun games for Cinnamon Bear fans of all ages!
One is a fun racing game for the silver star, suitable for little ones through adults.
The other is a clever strategy game to corner the Crazy Quilt Dragon that will challenge even the cleverest of players. You simply print out the game boards and use a bag of M&Ms, Skittles or jelly beans (yum!) for the gamepieces!
2 printable gameboards with instructions, in PDF format

NEW! Do your kids love the wonderful songs and music in The Cinnamon Bear series? Well, we’ve put all the music together in one delightful downloadable “album” that you can burn to CD to enjoy anytime! Want to sing along? We’ve also got all the words to every song in our Cinnamon Bear PDF Songbook, so everybody can sing along!
14 MP3 audio songs + PDF songbook

ALL NEW! We’ve put together a brand new coloring book of your favorite Cinnamon Bear characters, to help keep little hands busy while listening to the episodes!
21 page PDF coloring book

Get all of the above INSTANTLY DOWNLOADABLE audios and resources for ONLY $17 (instead of the Regular $27)


Click here to order the INSTANT DOWNLOAD package!

If you have any questions about these resources, please let us know via email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

The Erskine Family

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  1. Is there an expiration date on these links? I purchased the American history one but did not have time with a year to download all that I wanted to.I would like this to be something that we could access every year For the holidays.So I’m hoping that It will always be accessible. And I am so excited about the cinnamon bear Products. We first heard cinnamon bear last year and my kids absolutely loved it!One last thing, I am getting ready to start a blog and I wondered if there is a way I could Link to you. I am going to be focusing on Home school deals And I think Your website is amazing For homeschoolers. Thanks!

    • Hi Heather – we give a full year to download what you want. It’s hard to predict beyond that, but we don’t plan to close the download site for this… and if we needed to close it, we would let customers know well in advance.

      The Cinnamon Bear resources are loads of fun and really add a whole extra dimension to the series. The lapbook even makes it a bit educational (but don’t tell them that!).

      Link away!

  2. Hi, I am wondering if these files are time limited to download? I have gotten caught before by not downloading all that I have paid for. Also once downloaded can I rip these stories to CD’s?

    Thanks, Sharon

    • Hi Sharon, we give a full year to download what you want. It’s hard to predict beyond that, but we don’t plan to close the download site for this. And yes, you can rip the programs to CDs, or copy to any other device you have in your household!

    • Megan, There are links to three full length programs on this page. Look for the red arrow and the three phonographs about 1/3 of the way down the page. Click any of the phonographs to hear a different program from the collection! Enjoy!

    • Salina, MP3 audio files can be played on any computer or any device that supports MP3 files, such as an iPhone or MP3 compatible player. They can NOT be played on a regular CD player.

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